Why choose A+K Superior Coatings for your next paint job?

Sure, you can paint your place yourself, right?
Head down to Bunnings and pick up some tins of paint, some brushes and rollers, and probably some plastic drop sheets and masking tape so you don’t ruin your floors and furniture. Spend a considerable amount of time prepping…filling all the holes in your walls from the various family portraits you’ve put up, patching dents and dings from the kids and pets running around. Sanding’s next…Then comes the paintbrush for the person in the family with the most steady hand. And finally dunking the roller in your paint tray and really getting the job done. There’s nothing wrong with that!

Compare all that, though, to partnering with the team from A+K Superior Coatings. Think of the time you’ll save, the quality of the paint job, and the positive comments you’ll get from all the guests you have over after the job’s done!

So what’s the ‘superior’ difference that we’d bring to your space?

Here are a few reasons to choose A+K Superior Coatings:

1. We have over 12 years industry experience.  We’ve completed lots of jobs, large and small..and we’ve won some awards too.
2. We’re a small business, so we definitely know what it’s like to want the best results for your money. We get you.
3. We pride ourselves on being reliable. If we say we’ll be there on a given day at a given time, you can put money on it that we’ll be there on time. And we’ll stick to our word with everything we do.
4. We offer very competitive prices. Just ask us for a free measure and quote.
5. Handing your job over to us means you don’t have to worry about buying all the paint and equipment.
6. We’re experts in paint colour matching, to give your home a designer feel and that superior finish (pardon the pun, we had to do it once!)
7. You can do the fun bit – being the Interior Decorator – and we’ll do the grunt work.
8. You simply need to hand over your walls (and maybe ceilings) to us and then just relax! We’ve got things covered.

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Did you know? A+K Superior Coatings is a proud member of the Master Painters Association.

A+K Superior Coatings is a proud member of the Master Painters Association
Member #3951